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南阳防爆(苏州)特种装备有限公司(高效电机、高压电机,低压电机,防爆电机,同步机、汽轮发电机、防爆电器,防爆车辆,防爆电气) 销售电话:051286855177

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nyex and how is it used in electrochemical cells?

This is possible using a non-porous, electrically conducting carbon derivative called Nyex. The non-porosity of Nyex allows it to achieve its full adsorptive capacity within a few minutes and its electrical conductivity allows it to form part of the electrode in an electrochemical cell.

Why choose Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems?

Our range of Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems overcome the challenges experienced with traditional AOPs (advanced oxidation processes), providing a robust and effective solution for the removal of organic chemicals (chemical oxygen demand) and colour from wastewater. Effective water treatment plays a vital role in the management of any business.

Why choose arvia Nyex™ water treatment systems?

Effective water treatment plays a vital role in the management of any business. Arvia’s Nyex™ water treatment systems are optimised to treat specific organic contaminants in need of removal to comply with stringent discharge regulations. Our patented technologies also allow wastewater to be reused safely, saving you time and resources.

What is the function of Nyex adsorbent?

The adsorbent, loaded with adsorbed pollutant on its surface sediments and forms a bed in the regeneration zone in the cell. The mass of the Nyex causes the bed to travel down the regeneration column slowly and eventually pass back into the cell.

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