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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my net worth?

To calculate your net worth, simply subtract the total liabilities from the total assets. For this exercise, it doesn't matter how big or how small the number. It doesn't necessarily matter if the number is negative. Your net worth is just a starting point to have something to compare against in the future.

How do you figure out your net worth?

Essentially, your net worth is the value of what you own, minus what you owe. Or, as a formula: assets – liabilities = net worth. An easy way to figure it out it is via an online calculator like the one at

What is net worth and why is it important?

Net worth is an accurate and valid measure of your wealth . It provides one of the best ways to track your financial progress. A simple review of your assets and liabilities can help lead you to making changes now that will lead to BIG changes (in a good way) for your future.

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