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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Classroom suite?

The suite is a bundle of Google’s key products, such as Drive, Docs, Slides, and Forms, along with new tools like Google Classroom. While I used these applications in a middle school classroom, the following strategies are appropriate for any age from upper elementary students to high school seniors.

Can a teacher refer a student for a special education evaluation?

Anyone, including a teacher or parent/caregiver/education rights holder, may refer a student for an evaluation to determine special education eligibility. See Requesting a Special Education Assessment: Step-by-Step Guide - kids-alliance.org/assessment-requests. Schools must evaluate any student “suspected” of having a disability.2

What does technology mean to you in the classroom?

In my classroom, technology is a tool for empowerment—it creates a collaborative and innovative space for all students. Along with over 50 million educators and students, I am primarily using Google’s G Suite for Education.

Can a student with attendance problems still receive special education services?

However, if attendance problems are not the primary cause of the delay, and there is other evidence that there is a disability causing the delay, that student may still be eligible for special education services, even if they have inconsistent attendance.

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