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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact Snapchat?

3 Swipe down anywhere on the Snapchat camera screen. Tap "My Friends" at the bottom of the screen. Tap the "Contacts" tab. Give Snapchat access to your device's contacts (if prompted). Scroll through the list and tap "+" or "+Add" to add people to your friends list. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see contacts that don't have Snapchat.

How do I reset Snapchat?

Tap on the phone or email button to reset your Snapchat Password. You’ll now be on the Reset Password web page for your Snapchat account when you choose to reset via email. Enter your email account that you used when signing up for Snapchat initially so; you can receive the reset password link from the Snapchat team.

Does Snapchat have privacy?

A revision to Snapchat's privacy policy four years later, however, stated that Snapchat could in theory store, reproduce and distribute any image created in the app. In response to the public's Snapchat privacy concerns, the company noted that users could tweak their individual privacy settings to restrict its reach.

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