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What are the steps to becoming a neurologist?

Undergraduate Degree – Four Years. The first step along the path to becoming a neurologist is to earn your bachelor’s degree. Medical schools do not have a finite list of acceptable degrees, but admissions officers typically prefer applicants who major in a relevant field. Biology, physics and chemistry are possible choices for an undergraduate...

What are the requirements to become a neurologist?

Educational Requirements. The educational backgrounds of the neurologist include an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, internship for one year, and three years of specialized training. The neurologist is board-certified in neurology and internal medicine, and they do not perform surgery.

What education and training is required to be a neurologist?

Neurologist: Job Requirements and Description. A neurologist requires significant formal education. Learn about the education, job duties, certification and licensure to see if this is the right career for you. Licensed medical doctors who complete a residency in neurology are qualified to be a neurologist.

What are the job requirements for a neurologist?

Job Requirements of a Neurologist. Similar to other physicians, neurologists must begin their careers by going to college and then attending medical school. As an undergraduate, aspiring doctors who major in a science, such as biology, chemistry or physics, will be better prepared for a medical school curriculum.

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