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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Navient a private lender?

Navient is one of the largest federal student loan servicers. It also services private student loans from various lenders. Navient was created in 2014 to take over Sallie Mae's federal student loan servicing arm. If you had a Sallie Mae loan through the federal government before 2014, it is likely now serviced by Navient.

Is Navient a federal or private student loan?

In addition to handling federal student loan servicing, Navient also services a large portfolio of private student loans. These are loans that have nothing to do with the government, and don’t provide for any of the repayment options and programs that we know exist for the federal loans.

What is Navient phone number?

Navient Customer Service Number. Phone Number: 888-272-5543. Timings: Monday – Thursday 8 am – 9 pm (ET) and Friday 8 am – 8 pm (ET)

What's the difference between Sallie Mae and Navient?

Navient and Sallie Mae are two student loan servicers that are often confused as one. Although Sallie Mae launched Navient, the two companies function as distinct and separate entities. Sallie Mae focuses on private student loans, while Navient services federal student loans as well as private loans.

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